Saturday, 31 March 2012

Sorenzo's Pulse Article Analysis (Exercise 8)

First of all I'd like to summarise the article briefly in point form and follow up with a paragraph.

The article deals with:

  • The application of rationalism
  • technocentricity, our dependence of technological devices
  • the innate ability of technology to 'possess' humans, and the ghosts in the movie are compared with that ability
  • facts, the 'Western' method of thinking involves facts numbers and logical conclusions
  • justice and meta narratives, absolute truth
Loytard's article "Thematising the ugly side of sublime technological development in Sonzero’s Pulse (2006) as an inadvertent critique of the ‘technocentricism’ of postmodernity” deals with technocentricity using a b grade movie as a comparison. What I gather from this article is that technological advancement isn't progress any longer, but has become self sustaining, we are not in direct control of the technology any longer. The system runs itself, take for example the internet which is self sufficient and we have ourselves to thank for it. Once information is out on the net there is no way to stop it from spreading, and this goes for anything from text to images, books, and any other user created content. The article points out the irony of the antagonists, the 'ghosts' that come from another dimension and kill you through your technological device - which is exactly what we are doing to ourselves, we are the antagonist. Capitalist technoscience is compared to the ghosts' ability to send technology out of control, again the manufacturer of your device more than likely has measures to prevent you doing something that goes against the 'terms and conditions' take for example 'bricking' a term used to describe the process by which mainly Apple renders your device unusable should you attempt to hack or 'jail break' the device. 'Jail Breaking' refers to the process by which a user is able to unblock the device and allow the user full control over their purchase(something that I personally think should have been a standard, but because Apple are a bunch of greedy cocksuckers, this is not the case) While there are several safe ways to unlock your device, there are hundreds of scams that will inevitably lead to your device being locked up. And you can't sue apple because you broke the terms and conditions.

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