Saturday, 10 March 2012

Modernism Postmodernism (Exercise 7)

 Modernism/ Postmodernism Table

Rigid and Defined by rules
No rules, do whatever you want, Nihilism
Geometric and often Symmetrical
Every which way
Primarily flat colours
Mixed, Colourful, Kitsch
The Grid
Breaks the Grid
Just for fun
Illegible, broken
Appropriated, Copied, Parodied
Objectivity, no emotional investment
Subjective, emotional investment from designer

Single Meaning
Deconstructed – Not used as prescribed
Perfection of Forms
Distortion, Imperfection
Illustrated, Caricatured, Collage
Typographic, ITS, Corporate ID, Cultured
Cultured, European
Defined Purpose
Sensationalism, Emotion -Trigger
‘Normality’, Housewives on valium
Counter Culture, Hippies, Punks

That's pretty much the key differences, there are more but they all tend toward similarities with each other.
Modernism crossed over into post-modernism hence the 'post' to my understanding Post Modernism having so much encompassing it is just a paradigm shift, people changed their way of thinking when presented with something that wasn't seen before, or something that was considered taboo and became accepted.

Here are some visual examples:

Modernist Design :

Post-Modern Design Examples : 

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