Friday, 7 September 2012

Generation Y (Exercise 10 Part 5)

 Generation Y comes after Generation X, anyone who was born roughly after the 80's. Also Called 'The Millennium Generation' , or 'Generation Next' this is the young people's generation, myself included (born in 1990). As with  Generation X, Gen Y has been shaped by certain events during the time period, in particular the Global Economic Crisis of 2008-2012 which left many young adults entering the world from studies of school unable to find work. Gen Y is also tech savvy, they have grown up during a technological boom and an unprecedented progress in the fields of technology and science. Here's some survey results on Gen Y:

So they binge drink a lot more? I can agree with that, I know numerous people who would much rather stay at home and smoke weed all than do something that might be considered worthwhile. Call me old fashioned, strange or an 'old man' I just think that for me there are other things that I'd rather be doing with my time, things that are more exiting than drinking and getting high. It just comes down to what you want, and it seems to me just by looking at my friends and step brother that they either want money(get rich) or to sit at home all day and do anything but working towards some kind of career or achievement. I got into design and art because I not only love what I do, I also love the communal aspect that being an artist brings with it. I don't want to say there seems to be no hope for my generation, there definitely is and I'm an optimist, I try and see the best in people it's just that they constantly disappoint me with their attitudes. Not really a focus of my final topic, I do however want to include some info about certain celebrities who may or may not have contributed to Punk Rock's rise in popularity and ultimately embraced by the masses.  

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