Wednesday, 29 August 2012

African Discourse - Hold hands around the world

In this exercise we were asked to cut out strings of paper people and then colour each one according to certain criteria. The criteria relate to how one sees oneself based on certain parameters :

This is what I came up with, each individual person was coloured based on the criteria below. The first person is based on your location .Having middle eastern origins (I was born in Ukraine and came to South Africa in 2002) the first person has quite a bit of grey in it, can't forget my roots after all! The second image has a more or less even distribution, I look after my body to a certain extent but most of my time current time is spent learning so I put quite a bit more mind in there. Apart from that, as a summary I can say that maybe I see myself a little more disconnected with people and the real world than I should be

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